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Our Story

Creating Solutions for Growing Teams

Advanced Background Services emerged in 2000 by founder, Clint Weber. Previously an engineer, Weber experienced first-hand at his workplace how slow, cumbersome processes can negatively impact a team. That's when he decided to trade his corporate job for small business leadership at Advanced Background Services, where he could control process improvement, business automation, and other important factors that would help clients experience quick, affordable, and satisfying service.


Building a strong team takes time, energy, and money. Advanced Background Services is dedicated to boosting confidence in your hiring decisions while alleviating any stress, confusion, or excessive costs often associated with the background check process. 


Advanced Background Services is a people-first service provider, meaning we go above and beyond to understand your unique needs and any specific hurdles you face before, during, or after the hiring process. You are not just another number to us. Rather, we acknowledge the important role we play in helping your team and organization grow and accept that responsibility with integrity and great pride! 


With the competitive nature of hiring in today’s market, we strive to deliver quick results and navigate the data by your side to help you make informed decisions fast. Our unmatched communication, strong industry relationships nationwide, and affordable rates ensure your experience is as efficient as possible.


We assist clients in a variety of industries including staffing agencies, manufacturing, educational institutions, churches, non-profits, housing, and even other leading background service providers. Whether you are brand new to exploring background check services or are seeking alternative solutions and want to determine if we are a good fit, we encourage you to connect with us to learn more. 


Our incredible team is standing by to answer your questions and looks forward to helping you build a strong team!

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We’re eager to position people to succeed, save them time, and alleviate stress through background services.


We’re eager - We are always ready and willing to help those with whom we serve and interact, clients, applicants, vendors, and clerks, with cheerful, thoughtful, and sympathetic words and actions.


To position people - We’re not just concerned with helping our clients, hiring companies, other background screening firms, non-profits, schools, and churches.  We strive to understand the needs of, empathize with, and recognize how the backgrounds we provide can affect the applicants, Team Members, volunteers, and tenants.  We recognize that we serve them too!


To succeed - Our goal is not just to provide data but insight.  We love to help educate our clients about our services and which will best suit their needs.  We love to learn and keep ourselves abreast of the latest laws and services by staying connected to the background screening community via association memberships.  We also love to help the applicants by explaining their results and reinvestigating searches they indicate may have been inaccurate.


Save them time - We are conscious that our clients and their applicants need to fill positions right away. We strive to complete our work quickly and maintain communication with our researchers to make certain work doesn’t slip through the cracks.  We work to find the fastest means to provide the required data while not sacrificing time or skirting the law.


Alleviate stress - We work hard to provide accurate and complete results quickly and we understand that still isn’t enough.  We maintain excellent communication with clients, determine their specific needs, set realistic expectations of cost and turn-around, provide the accurate status of their searches, and quickly find and provide answers to any questions they may have.

Meet the team that is ready to assist you.

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