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Working in Office

Our Solutions

We regularly encounter clients from different industries with varying needs. We are so confident that you will have a positive experience working with us that we offer three free background checks to first-time customers so you can experience our solutions without any risk. 

Does this describe you? We have solutions.

Criminal County Searches

Over 3100 counties searched for criminal records.

Document Retrievals

We'll assist you with retrieving educational transcripts, court records, or other important documents.

Statewide Criminal Searches

Search criminal records for all 50 states.

Employment Screening

Comprehensive screening that includes identity verification, driver's history, criminal records, and more.

Volunteer Screening

Assists with confirming your volunteer candidates are safe to work with children and others.

Education and Employment Verifications

Confirm employment or education history.

Motor Vehicle Reports

Helps confirm whether a candidate should be permitted to drive company vehicles.

Trust Our Expertise

Are you ready to speak with a member of our team?

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